Title: Sweet Tea and God's Graces

Artist: Taylor Swift

Played: 160 times


imagine a pizza topped with several smaller pizzas


"Hazel Grace, they don’t actually hurt you unless you light them."

the artistic side of Taylor Swift
It's like a million little stars spelling out your name


*Googles big word before I fuck around and use it injudiciously*

140316: Word of the day: “boka”

140205 - Nalibang na naman dahil dito. Hindi naman tama yung ginawa ko.😂😂😂


I’ve been inactive here on tumblr for more than half a year (I guess?). And this post is not saying I’m going to be active anytime soon within this month because of school and my broken laptop. So much stuff has happened and I’ve been [not literally] dying to tell anyone who reads my posts (if there’s even ‘anyone’) about my 2013-present, especially about my school life, but no, not today. I’m still busy so maybe next month? :)

The next thing that most of the people I know are looking forward to is the prom next week, so yeah.

I may or may not be updating about my lame and stupid life with the use of photographs on instagram instead. So I hope, IF anyone actually reads my posts, you won’t leave me(????). Lol wth am i saying.

I just stopped by to tell you that I kind of updated my bio/intro thingy on this page. Meaning, I updated my age and Taylor’s.

"At syempre, dahil mayabang ako, i-uupload ko ‘to sa instagram."